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Dawn and Laura work as full time mamas and as part time doulas and educators.  They believe that all people should have access to prenatal education, labour and birth support as well as postpartum support.  They have been working for over 10 years within their community and have built relationships with many practitioners and medical providers in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia.  They always grow attached to the families that they work with and feel privileged to be part of so many family's journeys.  


Through the support of grants we are able to offer FREE evidence based prenatal classes that we think are great for all families.

Please contact us through our email to register.

DONA certified birth doulas are available to support you during the pregnancy, labour and birth of your baby.  Positive outcomes increase with the trained support of a doula to help you and your partner physically and emotionally. 

Bringing home a baby can be overwhelming and exhausting.  Having a trained doula to support you in this delicate time can encourage bonding with the baby and healing for mama.



"Laura was absolutely amazing. She provided me the support I knew I needed while also helping my husband to be involved in my labour. She was intuitive, calm, gentle and strong all at the same time. In addition to providing physical and emotional support both at home and in hospital, she also provided post partum check-ins and a birth debrief - something I didn't realize I would value until it had been done."
Alicia Pray-Leslie


Dawn Hare: 902-670-1321

Laura VanHattem-Contant:



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