Postpartum Services

It is so important for families to have some kind of loving support set up for when they bring their baby home. 

All packages come with a complimentary/no obligations visit to see if we connect well.  Then we have a prenatal visit to get to know each other and clarify your needs. 
The rest of the package is filled with a sitz bath herbal packet, healing teas, smoothies, perineal spray and the hours from the package that you have booked. 

Package A 

  • 3 (3 hour) postpartum visits

  • $325

Package C

  • 2 (3 hour) prenatal sessions-comfort measures, tips for labour support person

  • 4 (3 hour) Postpartum visits 

  • $650

Package B

  • 6 (3hour) postpartum visits

  • $650

Package D

  • 12 hours of overnight support for family with sleeping, feeding and soothing

  • $240