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Birth Support Services

Birth is an adventure and sometimes the first real challenge in parenting before your baby is born.  A  birth doula can help this transition to be smoother and more positive.  

What is a Birth Doula?       

 Why should I hire one?


Each doula can offer something a little different and it is important that the family hiring the doula has a good connection so they can be clear in the ways they can help.  

Valley Doulas Birth Support Service fee includes:

  •    A free/no obligations visit to answer any questions you have and to see if we connect 

  •    Meeting 2-3 times prenatally to get to know you, help you trust us and see how we can best support you.

  •    We are on-call 2 weeks ahead of your due date until the baby is born.                 


  •     We can support your early labour at home or meet you at the hospital whenever you want us to come.  
    Some people want continuous support and others prefer less hands on.  We can rub your back, massage, keep your breathing relaxed, suggest new positions, go for walks, or we can offer suggestions to your other support people of how to keep you comfortable.  We want to be there to help you feel more safe and secure.

  •    We help you decide when to head to the hospital, help them get settled and feel heard at the hospital.  We have  a good working relationship with the staff at Valley Regional Hospital.  We can help you navigate pain medication questions and timing if that comes up. 


  •    We can hold your hand, cheer you on and/or take pictures during the arrival of your sweet baby. 


  •    We will stay for the duration of your labour, birth and approximately 2 hours afterwards, depending on how everyone is feeling.  We like to see families have lots of skin to skin time, initiate breastfeeding if you choose to, get settled into your room, have food to nourish you and then some alone time to get to know your new baby.


  •    We follow up around day 3 to see how feeding is going and how mama is feeling.  Then we usually come one more time (sometimes 2) depending on what comes up during our visit. 


  •    We like to help the family process the birth and that can take time.  We also want to be sure that everyone feels taken care of whether that is through family, friends or community. 

If things come up that present a challenge that is out of our scope of practice, we can help you navigate our community resources and find out how to get the best support for the next part of your parenting journey.  

Valley Doulas believe that all families have the right to the support that they feel is best for their pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  The fee for birth support services works on a sliding scale from $800-1200.  Please contact us if you feel that we are a good fit for you but our fee is out of your budget.  We can work with you to find funding support.  

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