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Birth Support Services

Birth is an adventure and sometimes the first real challenge in parenting before your baby is born. 

A doula can help this transition to be smoother and more positive.  

What is a Birth Doula?   

We are fully booked in providing birth support for 2023


If you would like a list of doulas in our area that are providing birth/labour support please reach out and we would be happy to share!


Currently we are finding the on-call schedule a bit too tough to balance with family life. 

Temporarily, instead of offering labour/birth support we have decided to offer a 'basket' of labour/birth prep along with some early parenting encouragement as well as very early postpartum support.  We think this will help families feel supported as they anticipate and approach their new journey.  


This service will include: 

  • A free/no obligations visit to answer any questions you have and to see if we connect.

  • Meeting 2 times prenatally to answer questions, discuss your birth plan, give your support person tips and hands on suggestions, comfort measure ideas/tools, discuss infant feeding plan and see what will help you feel most supported. 


  • Texting while at the hospital for support and suggestions during labour and after baby arrives.

  • Follow up around day 3 to see how feeding is going and how mama is feeling. 

  • Second visit postpartum to help process the birth, assist in resolving any feeding issues, nourish parents with food and encourage them! 

  • It's important that everyone feels taken care of whether that is through family, friends or community

  • Cost: $280

If things come up that present a challenge that is out of our scope of practice, we can help you navigate our community resources and find out how to get the best support for the next part of your parenting journey.  

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